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Minister of Culture

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Congratulations to all of you cultural workers who have dedicated their talents, intelligence and efforts to the preservation and dissemination of our national culture, traditions and heritage.

In today's world of industrialization and globalization, we are focusing on promoting our national spirit, culture and art around the world, and developing unique Mongolian cultural expressions that respect our statehood and historical traditions.

I am one of the guarantors of the development of Mongolian mentality, national security, development and progress. The work began with the goal of disseminating, promoting, and developing.

Your initiative, active participation and cooperation of all cultural workers, artists, governmental and non-governmental organizations and people participating in cultural and artistic activities to make a valuable contribution to the country's development by educating the public to create a society where they can live with their talents. is very important.

Let's work together to spread the values ​​of Mongolian culture, which is a major representative of the world's nomadic civilizations.

Member of the Government of Mongolia, Minister of Culture

NOMIN Chinbat